September 6, 2014

Our Facilities

Café Space

The café space is the largest and most popular of our spaces (capacity 100), complete with tables, chairs, lounges, stage and a small library.   The space also includes a café and kitchenette with tea, coffee, cleaning and some food preparation facilities (see below for full details).

Cafe space

The cafe space has a capacity of approx. 100

Training Room

The training room or board room is a smaller carpeted space (capacity 50), with access to chairs, tables and other equipment described below.

Gallery Room

The gallery room is a small space for art exhibitions and installments.  Contact us via the booking inquiry form if you’re interested in using the space for an exhibition.

Office Space

The office space has a small number hot desks available on request.  Wifi internet, printing and a small amount of file storage is available.

Common Goods Bulk Goods Store

Common Goods is your community run not-for-profit ethical food store. This space is exclusively used for Common Goods and is not available for use by groups. The purpose of Common Goods is to:

  • provide affordable ethical goods;
  • support local and organic agriculture; and
  • minimise packaging by selling in bulk.

Read more about the Common Goods Store here.

Audio Visual

The following equipment is available at no extra cost:

  • Projector and screen (see note below)
  • Set top box
  • DVD player
  • Powered Speakers
  • Microphones, leads, DIs and stands (all live on the stage, leads in suitcase)
  • Several P.A.s

Please note: to be on the safe side safe, BYO cables for computer – projector (s-video or VGA) and computer – sound (1/8th inch jack to 1/4 inch jack or aux cable/guitar lead with relevant adaptor, for use with Yamaha powered speakers) these cables exist at the Commons however they don’t always get returned to their correct position.

Cafe / Kitchenette Facilities

  • Coffee Machine (please ensure you have attended a volunteer induction before use, follow procedures and ask before event)
  • Commercial Dishwasher (please ensure you have attended a volunteer induction before use, follow procedures and ask before event)
  • Cleaning and food prep. area
  • Microwave but no oven/cooktop
  • Cups, plates, glasses, teapots, cutlery etc. (please note: all must be washed and returned after use)
  • Instant tea and coffee and urn (available for use for any event, go for it!)