New opening hours

Thanks to some awesome new volunteers we now have new opening hours.

The Goods Store and Cafe is now open:

  • Tuesdays 12-7pm
  • Wednesday 2-6pm
  • Thursday 2-6pm
  • Friday night unwind: 7pm-late
  • Saturday 10-2pm

We now regularly have cake and toasties available as well for you to enjoy whilst supping on a coffee, tea or cold drink.

Commons Cafe:

This is your community space and you don’t have to buy anything to hang out here. Come in an use the free wifi. You are welcome to study or read.  There is always free tea and coffee from the urn available.

Commons Goods Store:

Common Goods is your community run not-for-profit ethical food store. The purpose of Common Goods is to:

  • provide affordable ethical goods;
  • support local and organic agriculture; and
  • minimise packaging by selling in bulk.

We want all food to be grown in a way that cares for the environment, farmers/suppliers and the health of those who eat it.

We buy our goods in bulk making it more affordable for everyone and only place a small markup on them in order to cover the costs of electricity, shipping and labour.

To find out more about Common Goods click here: