March 31, 2013

Make a Donation

The Commons runs off the support of the community. We make a little money through the café and we hope that this will cover our outgoings such as electricity, consumables and ongoing costs. As a not-for-profit, all money goes back into the running of the Commons. We are transparent with our finance, all financial information is reported regularly at the monthly Management Committee meetings.

Donations will be received however they come – in cash, credit or in kind. We’re big on transparency and while not tax deductible, all donations will be receipted.  If you’ve something you think the Commons would like, please be in contact first.

Friends of the Commons

Lots of people want to – and do – support the Commons behind the scenes. Some people are actively involved in the running of the space, some come around every now and then and many aren’t able to participate due to lack of time, or events and workshops run aren’t up their alley, but they’re keen to be a part of things nonetheless. These people are the Friends of the Commons. They provide ongoing financial support as they are able and in return the Commons showers them with bottomless coffee and thanks!  We ask that donations are provided by electronic funds transfer.  All details are available on completion of the signup process.

Would you like to be a Friend of the Commons? Please sign up on the form below or come in for a cuppa and a chat.

Friends Of The Commons Signup

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