March 31, 2013

The Uniting Church

The Commons is currently managed by a Faith Community of the Uniting Church. We are in the process of becoming an agency similar to Lifeline but it is taking some time to develop a constitution suitable that captures what we are. The Uniting Church has a strong history of social justice advocacy, activism and community development (see Uniting Justice for updates on the latest justice issues the UCA is working on such as asylum seeker rights, marriage equality, constitutional recognition of asylum seekers and climate change advocacy). The Commons team sees being connected to the Uniting Church, a leading national christian justice voice, as a key advocacy goal within the Church to show how important it is for churches to be engaging in community development, resourcing justice groups, creating meaningful spaces of connection, building ethical food networks and doing church differently.

The Commons management team is comprised of people who have a long history of relationship and engagement with the Uniting Church and those without any connection beyond The Commons. The space and the management team is open to people with and without faith who are passionate about sustainability, creativity, ethical food/business and inclusivity. People from all walks of life, religions, sexualities, ethnicities, ages, abilities and socio-economic status are welcome at The Commons.