March 31, 2013

The Commons Organisational Structure

The Commons is managed by a group of volunteers who oversee the strategy, finances and running of the various programs/spaces of the organisation. The Commons is in the process of becoming an Agency of the Uniting Church to formalise this team as a board of management. At the moment this team are known as the ‘Management Team’.

Because there are no ‘members’ of The Commons as such, everyone who uses the space is a member, this team is not elected into their positions at present. Rather, people who are keen to take a more active management role at The Commons, who agree to uphold our code of conduct, and align with the mission and values, can be involved.

Current Management Team members are:

  • (Catherine) Peps Pepper
  • Andrew Goodwin
  • Tim Evans
  • Olenka Motyka
  • Caitlin O’Reily
  • Holly Buntman-Ronnenberg – Cafe and Goods Coordinator
  • Peter Parslow
  • Miriam Williams
  • Nick Grinpukel
  • Anneliese Wild

Management Team Meetings are held at The Commons on the Second Saturday of the month from 10-12pm. If you have anything you would like to raise with the management team or if you would like to get in touch/be involved please email or drop in and chat to Holly when we are open.