March 31, 2013

People Profiles

A lot of people give a lot of themselves to keep making the Commons what it is. A few of these people are profiled below

Caitlin O’Reilly – Commons Co-Founder


Caitlin and her blackboard handiwork.

Caitlin has been the go-to girl for all things Commons! She has worked in a volunteer capacity as the coordinator, overseeing many aspects of the Commons, including volunteers, cafe operation, managing the people’s library, online communication and liaison. When she’s not at the Commons, Caitlin works as a musician with local band Crazy Old Maurice, stays up way too late watching YouTube videos, and is always on the look out for someone to play board games with her…

Tim Evans – Commons Co-Founder

One day Rhythm came to earth in human form, and its name was Tim. Between setting the tempo for the local music scene, being the Commons facilities engineer and breathing life into kitchens and gardens everywhere, Tim Evans has also been the Commons events coordinator. From sound desk to banjo, Tim’s your man.


Holly Buntman-Ronnenburg – Management Team member


Peter Parslow – Management Team member


Nick Grinpukel – Management Team member



Miriam Williams – Commons Co-Founder, former Management Team member

Our resident PhD elect Miriam Williams has been variously described as ‘all-giving earth mother’, ‘community economies scholar’ and ‘domestic goddess’. She was the brains trust of the Commons, and contributed everything from policy development to Jazz. The reason the kitchen is the heart of a home is that Miriam is the heart of the kitchen.

Andrew Goodwin – Commons Co-Founder, former Management Team member, King of the Pineapple Lounge

Like a chipmunk in both bodily hair and attention span, without strong skills in running a cafe, or a library, or an arts space, the Commons has generally allowed Andrew to tinker about behind the scenes. Be it upholstery of pineapple-related soft furnishings, occasional vacuuming, carpentry as could only be done by a humanities major, bean counting, bean eating (mmm… beans), idea generating, van driving, fridge lifting or agenda writing, you can count on Andrew to pick up the slack, put it somewhere, lose it, find it, pick it up again later on, potter around a bit, put it down again and maybe get something done eventually.


Peps Pepper – former Management Team member, chairperson and accounts wiz


Olenka Motyka – former Management Team member


Anneliese Wild – former Management Team member


Sarah Ladyman – former Management Team member